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The Scarf Trends We are Obsessed With

Posted on November 27 2015

Here is to another cold air rushing in. Just looking outside in the window is a drag. Snow looks pretty from the inside but not so much from the outside. So, to enjoy the snow outside, I got to bundle up. And, since I HATE the cold, it is just layers after layers (in a sleek way of course). 

Last week’s post was all about layering, this week’s post will be to add that final touch: a scarf. Today, I will be featuring a few new scarf trends that are in this season. So not only will you look good, but you’ll also be warm.

One of my favourite classic is an infinity scarf. I know, the whole plaid oversize scarf is in these days, but the infinity scarf style will never get old. I got a handmade scarf from Soli Joon on Etsy, last year, and it is by far my favourite scarf - I got it in the deep burgundy, and it goes with pretty much everything. The infinity is easy to wear and cozy on a chilly day. I wear my scarf in the boring typical way, just double loop. However, the other I ran into this video, and I was so amused. Check it out! There are a whole lot of different and very creative ways to wear a scarf. (


Next, the thin scarf trend is also starting to have a comeback. It doesn’t really do much to keep us from the coziness. But I also found a few different ways to style a thin scarf. A few months ago, the skinny scarf was a must have overnight accessory. On Refinery29, fashion market writer, Alyssa Coscarelli, came in one day sporting a gray henley top, a pair of high-waisted jeans, and a long, black skinny scarf in lieu of the lariat necklaces and bandanas we usually wrap around our necks. I got to say, the look looks very chic and sleek. (

Here are some other ways to wear a thin scarf:







I bet you are all waiting for this. Yes, the number one trend for scarf is the oversize. I must admit, it looks good and very practical- a little bit more practical than the thin scarf. One of the biggest oversize scarfs is the plaid design – it’s all over instagam and on the street! It is just so preppy and chic! (Image, image)





Some other oversize scarfs are fairly in right now. I have seen the fringe style is also making a return. And like, what is cozier than having a blanket over you. This particular one is handmade with alpaca wool; so it also doesn’t get any snugger than this. The playful tassels and oversized silhouette is cute and fresh.








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